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We make it our mission to help developers overcome the challenges of creating online games. Whatever how complex your challenges are and whatever the nature of online games you're developing, our team has the solution your projects demand for success.

What We Offer

Solving the hardest problems requires the best people and the best tools. We built our company. around that belief. The knowledge and flexible tools accumulated and created over the years lets us undertake even the most daring and difficult online game projects.

Custom Development

Because each project is different, we offer a range of support services that can be specifically tailored to your game project’s needs: matchmaking, Steam/Xbox/PSN authentication, crossplay P2P integration, etc.


We work with our high powerful & flexible technology, designed to optimize development and liveops of realtime multiplayers games on PC, Console and mobile platforms.
Discorver our technology

Our Technology


Distributed Server System

A distributed server (grid) designed for performance & scalability, that allows you to create API then host it easily on the cloud. 


Open Source Plugins

Customizable and pluggable open source plugins for easy modification.

Multiplatform Client SDKs

Multi-platform Client SDKs

A set of clientside libraries for various game development tools and languages. 

Hosting Solutions

Hosting Solutions

Flexible hosting solutions: Deploy on on-premise or public cloud infrastructure, letting you move backends effortlessly.

What Makes Us Special

We are your team of online game experts

Our approach towards every project is built on commitment, transparency and flexibility. Our team of experts support you through the whole online development process. We are flexible and can easily adapt to any client’s needs and process.

A well-proven technology

Our technology is the result of 6 years of research development, 4 years of operation and is in continuous improvement. It is highly flexible and can be used on any game engine to make sure we achieve your goals.

High level of efficiency & cost effectiveness

Our technology make online game development more efficient, fast and productive, enabling us to offer very competitive rates for our online game services. We save you money and time with our work without losing reliability.

They Trust Us

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