Who we are

Founded by a small team of engineers specialized in online and backend, Stormancer provides online development expertise to game studios and publishers. We have worked on more than 30 games and created a flexible and performance focused set of technologies focused on the needs of game studios.

What we offer

Developing online games is hard, both because of the multiple problems to solve and because it's difficult to find developers with the right skillset. Some gameplay concepts might too latency sensitive to be possible without some level of adaptation. Making an online game that is going to perform well under load is even more difficult.

Our team of specialized developers worked on more than 30 different titles on PC and consoles, and have strong experience in backend development, console platform integration and multiplayer algorithms.

Custom Development

Our main activity is to reinforce the development team of game studios to help them release technically successful titles. All our developers have extensive experience of PC and Console online development, as well as the process involved with creating crossplay games. We work remotely in a close loop with the studios development teams using tools like Slack or Discord. During development, we can use our own technology or the one you prefer.


Since starting the company, we have been working on a flexible set of technologies that make it much easier to create PC, Consoles and crossplay titles in a scalable way. Battle tested and improved by many studios, our distributed server technology solves many problemes involved in creating high performance client server and P2P games. On top of it, we gradually built a set of extensible and open source plugins designed to address a lot of the requirements of most modern multiplayer games.

Let's Get In Touch

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