Concentrate on building ambitious online games.
We take care of the complexity of realtime backend software.

Stormancer's technology consists of a number of elements which allow you to develop online games without limits:
• A set of clientside libraries for various game development tools and languages.
• A distributed server designed for performance & scalability, that allows you to create API then host it easily on the cloud.
• Open source serverside & clientside components for easy modification.
• Flexible hosting solutions to fit your needs.

Distributed Server System (Grid)


Open Source Plugins

Multiplatform Client SDKs

Multi-platform Client SDKs

Hosting Solutions

Hosting Solutions


Realtime, Turnbased...

Create synchronous or asynchronous gameplay, realtime or turnbased games with our powerful distributed server infrastructure. Our server also handles spatial distribution for seamless distributed virtual worlds!

High Scability

Our server platform is built upon a scalable distributed communication & management layer. When developing games for Stormancer, you just don't have to care about synchronizing servers or load balancing your game sessions. Both client and server software are optimized to leverage multicore hardware.

Custom Server Logic

Write the game logic on Stormancer servers without artificial limitations. Code in C# or even start server processes and focus on your game. The modern language features and our high level SDK make you more productive.

Agility & Multitenancy

Add a new isolated environment to an app in a few minutes, for QA, development, beta or for a press event. All on the same cluster.
Run several game instances on the same infrastructure to mutualize cost and reduce management complexity.

Fast Network Engine

We use the industry recognized Raknet 4 UDP network engine, as well as websocket on web-based development platforms to provide the best performance. Tested with 200k messages/s. Protocol designed for bandwith optimization.

No Service Interruption

Update your game server code without service interruption using GIT. New players instantly connect to the new version and your old app is notified. Customize player migration. The 10 last versions are kept readily available for instant rollback. Old versions are shut down automatically when not used anymore.



Open Source

All plugins are fully customizable and released under permissive open source licenses (Apache). Use them or modify them at your ease. You own your code and data.


Be ambitious. Our components are designed to scale seamlessly, from just a few to tens of thousands of concurrent players.


Our plugins offer cross-platform compatibility and support all major game engines. Allow PC, consoles & mobile players play together.



Our multiplatform client libraries allow the game to communicate with the distributed infrastructure without having to deal with low level networking, routing and addressing.
Engines & Languages

Use Stormancer with the tools you prefer. The client libraries are optimized for a broad of languages and game engines: Unreal Engine, Unity, HTML5, C++, C#, JavaScript.


Development across platforms is easy. Our client libraries can run on all major game platform without game modification, from PC to consoles: Windows, PS4, PSVita, XBoxOne, iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch.

We add support for new languages, game engines and platforms on request. Just ask us for new ones!


Because each project is different, we offer different hosting solutions. It’s even possible to mix them to provide the perfect infrastructure for your game.
Our team can help you choose what would work the best for your project.


You can run a Stormancer cluster inside your own infrastructure, on the hosting provider of your choice. We can assist you in the process.


We can run your backend on dedicated instances. We manage the hardware for you: only care about your game, we do the rest.

Ready to start ?

Do you have any questions about Stormancer? Or are you ready to start your next online game?