Our Vision

Building realtime multiplayer games is a real challenge for developers. Each project is unique and requires specific features in terms of online multiplayer. On top of that, servers cost a lot of money.

At Stormancer, we believe that solving the hardest problems requires the best people and the best tools. Whatever how complex your challenges are and whatever the nature of online games you're developing, our team has the solution your projects demand for success.

We share your vision and help you build your games as smoothly and efficiently as possible, and will contribute as much as we can to make them successful.

Our Story

Stormancer Creation

Founded by two engineers from top French engineering schools

Beginning of Stormancer commercialization

After 3 years of R&D focusing on agile development, customization and security, Stormancer started being marketed.


Release of the first games using Stormancer's technology

Stormancer solution is being used on high quality online games released by Focus Home and Tinlados Interactive. These games became a commercial success and allowed the company to grow the team.

First title with multi-datacenter infrastructure

Stormancer's technology is being used on a very large environment with multiple datacenters for a Battle Royal game.



Stormancer is part of of Plaine Images, a site of economic excellence dedicated to digital imaging and other creative industries. Its location, Lille metropolis, is a privileged entry point into Europe - just 60 minutes from Paris, 40 minutes from Brussels and 80 minutes from London.